Published: 17.01.2011 Updated: 11.04.2016

To join the VNS system, the would-be participant should provide to Latvijas Banka:

  • an application letter, including BIC of the entity,
  • a specimen seal (if any) of the entity,
  • sample signatures of the authorised persons who have the right to sign the paper-based securities transfer orders, certified by a notary public or the entity itself,
  • list of contact persons with job positions, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for communication related to the VNS system.

Latvijas Banka, after having considered the provided documents, enters into an agreement with the participant on the participation in the VNS system.

Subsequently the VNS system participant and Latvijas Banka (LACBLV2X) exchange their SWIFT RMA authorisation codes.

For inquiries and consultations, please call: +371 67022771 or +371 67022815.