Published: 16.11.2022

Licence for provision of investment management services

An investment management company is a joint stock company, basic activity of which is management of investment funds.

The investment management company shall operate in accordance with the Law on the Investment Management Companies, the Commercial Law and other regulatory enactments, and its articles of association.

In order to obtain a licence, the investment management company shall submit to Latvijas Banka an application for receipt of a licence. The application shall be accompanied by the information and documents referred to in Section 10 of the Law on the Investment Management Companies (the Law).

The minimum original capital of a company shall be EUR 125 000.

Latvijas Banka shall take a decision to issue a licence within a three-month period after the receipt of all the documents specified in the Law for taking the decision, prepared and formulated in compliance with the requirements prescribed by regulatory enactments.

Latvijas Banka shall issue a licence within a 10-day period as of the day the decision to issue a licence has been taken.