Published: 11.07.2022

Latvijas Banka starts publishing List of Payment Statistics Relevant Institutions. The List is updated on a semi-annual basis as an end-of-period snapshot and is published by the close of business of the seventh working day of the month that follows the end of the relevant period.

The obligation to maintain such list for statistical purposes is laid down by Regulation (EU) No 1409/2013 of the European Central Bank of 28 November 2013 on payments statistics (ECB/2013/43) and Guideline (EU) 2018/876 of the European Central Bank of 1 June 2018 on the Register of Institutions and Affiliates Data (ECB/2018/16).

The List is comprised of entities that are subject to reporting under the said regulation.

Information for users of statistics

Information that contributes to a better understanding of the statistical data as well as to learning more about Latvijas Banka's planned statistical activities and the prepared statistics by familiarising oneself with the statistical programmes.

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