Published: 08.04.2024

Latvijas Banka notes that the European Central Bank has collected the results of the complementary cost-benefit assessment questionnaire (hereinafter, the complementary CBA questionnaire) of the Integrated Reporting Framework (hereinafter, the IReF) carried out in 2023 and has published them in English on its website.

The European Central Bank will hold a webinar on 24 April 2024 at 15:30–17:30 (Latvia's time) to share information on:

  • the results of the complementary CBA questionnaire,
  • an update on the IReF draft data model,
  • the timetable and next steps for the preparation of the IReF regulation.

During the webinar, the European Central Bank will also address the questions on the complementary CBA questionnaire results, submitted by the participants in the webinar registration form (preferably, one week ahead of the meeting). The questions will be anonymised.

Latvijas Banka invites everyone to use this opportunity and register for the webinar.

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