Published: 08.04.2024

In 2023, securities of 23 regulated market issuers and securities of 19 alternative market issuers were traded on the Latvian capital market.

The data compiled by Latvijas Banka suggest that the ratio of stock market capitalisation to GDP stood at 1.8% at the end of 2023, while that of bond market capitalisation to GDP – at 3.6%.

Last year, the total amount of the regulated market capitalisation was 1.8 billion euro, but the turnover accounted for 18.2 billion euro, posting an increase of 28.7% compared to 2022. Meanwhile, the total amount of the alternative market capitalisation reached 389.5 million last year, whereas the turnover amounted to 17.4 million euro, representing a 3.3-fold increase compared to a year ago.

In 2023, most stock market transactions, i.e. 80% of transactions or 52.8 thousand, were executed in the regulated market, while 20% or 13.0 thousand transactions were carried out in the alternative market. The number of bond transactions constituted 780 and 1093 in the regulated and alternative markets respectively.

Key indicators of Latvian capital market in 2023 PDF