Published: 09.01.2015 Updated: 09.01.2023

The EU institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, EU Council, European Council, etc.) draft legal acts, adopt recommendations and make policy decisions on various matters within the framework of the EU, including matters related to the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). Traditionally, the leading role in the process of decision-making and expressing Latvia's opinion in the above EU institutions belongs to the government. Representatives of Latvijas Banka, in cooperation with the public administration institutions, participate in the analysis of new EU initiatives and follow up on the compliance with the existing EU framework. Latvijas Banka's experts also contribute to the development of national positions on the issues related to operating activity of Latvijas Banka and the Eurosystem.

The central banks are represented in the Committees and Working Groups of the EU Council and the European Commission. In Brussels, Latvijas Banka's representatives are engaged in the Economic and Financial Committee and its subcommittees as well as in the Working Groups of the European Commission, dealing with issues related to the International Monetary Fund, euro coins, payment systems, economic forecasting, statistics and other issues within the fields of competence of Latvijas Banka.